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Amazing artwork, Singing Ring ®︎ Luli.

Enjoy the beauty of Luli at the Luli Lovers ♡ Page!

The Luli Lovers talk event recording videos.

People who have Singing Ring Luli talked about how wonderful they are.  Sorry, only in Japanese.

From Luli Lovers

Enjoy the photos, videos and comments from the Luli Lovers around the world .

From Mr. Motohiro Wada, a certified performer in Sydney.

​The colour of Luli, Mr. Wada's clothes, and the nature of Sydney are in harmony!


From Ms. Yukie Iwakuma, a certified therapist,


March 2020 in Arizona just before the Covid pandemic. Thanks to Luli, I was able to safely enjoy the collaboration with the magnificent nature 😊


From Ms. Midori Hirano, certified therapist.

July 2020 at Ikkyuji Temple, Ikkyu-ji Temple, Kyoto

comment: The beauty of Luli and the garden were in perfect harmony at the reserved Ikkyu-ji Temple.

う 平野みどりさん_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.jpeg

July 2020 at Ikkyuji Temple, Ikkyu-ji Temple, Kyoto

comment: With another therapist, Ms. Kiyooi Tamura. This is my favorite photo of two Luli are lined up side by side.

う 平野みどりさん_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.jpg

From Ms. Kiyoi Tamura, certified therapist.

May 2021 At the garden of Daitokuji Korin-in Temple in Kyoto


The fresh maple leaves after the rain and the green moss reflected in the distance were in harmony with Luli.

May 2021 At the same garden.


The pebles of the garden and Luli created a neat beauty.

April 2021


The certified therapists/ performers created a relay video to support medical professionals. A big blue heart shape has appeared on Luli!

え 田村清生さん_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108 (2).jpeg
え 田村清生さん_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.jpeg
え 田村清生_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.jpg

From Ms.Mina Ryuba, Certified Performer in Sydney♪

The videos were tagged and shared on Instagram.​ She shares a wonderful performance videos on Instagram!

か1 柳葉美奈さん_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.jpeg
か2 柳葉ミナ_瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.png
か3 柳葉ミナ__瑠璃ラヴァーズ202108.png

Luli Lovers talk event

We will hold a Luli Lovers Zoom event on a regular basis! Let's talk about how wonderful your Luli is and we will share a special Luli story with you. 

​The next event will be announced on the association website and the Singing Ring Global Newsletter.

Singing Ring ®︎ Luli Official Information

Here is a video of Sion first announcing the Luli from Uluru, Australia ↓

Here is a video created on the Gold Coast of Australia ↓

More information such as the features of the Luli and how to handle the product can be found on the Luli page of the Sion Inc. Homepage.