News release

18th Apr 2020

Online Basic Seminar is scheduled!  (Japanese only)

18th Apr 2020

Online Basic Seminar with free rental Singing Ring!  (Japanese only)

11st Apr 2020

Zoom follow up meeting for the Seminar participants is scheduled

11th Apr 2020

Video "Practice self care during this time of self-isolation” is released!

6th Apr 2020

All seminars & events in April are postponed.

4th Apr 2020

Movie"Message for you" released(Japanese only)

30th Mar 2020

Singing Ring Yoga Live Stream is scheduled!(Japanese Only)

30th Mar 2020

Regarding the events and seminar and COVID-19, please contact

"Gaia Symphony No.6" Movie screening & Sound healing

Enjoy the sound of Singing Ring®︎

at the Planetarium.

27 June 2020

Ishinomaki Tree Planting Trip

21 September 2020

Singing Ring Yoga

Singing Ring Yoga Live Stream

29 April 2020


Singing Ring Recreation Program

Ring Joy

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