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Anyone can access the sound of Singing Ring easily, anytime and anywhere.

New Kindle Book 

Sion's latest book is now available on Kindle! It's her first time publishing in English.

Enjoy special Audio track for free!

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To those who support the activities of the Singing Ring Association,

we'll be delivering fun bonus videos and events every week!


For the schedule of the event and seminars in English, please check the Singing Ring Global website.

 Harmonia Vol.15

Sorry Only in Japanese 


Sion Inc. 

The story behind of Singing RingⓇ ,online shop, sound therapy, and event information


Sion Inc. 

The information about the variety of Singing Ring® sound therapy course and seminar graduates follow u.

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Singing Ring

A global site that connects people with various cultures and histories from around the world

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