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News release

September 2, 2022

★ Harmonia latest No. 12 release

Sorry, only in Japanese

The Singing Ring Association issued the magazine Harmonia No.12.

Harmonia latest issue No.12 can be downloaded from here

Download back numbers from here

July 29 , 2022

● Event information

​☆ Tetsu Shiratori's novella movie "Roots"

The new schedule for the September-November screening has been released!

☆ November 3, 2022 (Thursday)

Movie “Roots” screening in Kobe

Special event with Sion’s talk and Singing Ring’s sound bathing.

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Go to the Sion Inc. website

New book

"Full harmonic sound therapy that enhances immunity just by listening"  

by Sion Kazu,  Forest Publishing

New book has been published at Amazon and bookstores.

It includes the latest academic research results and recommendation from two doctors.

 CD & down load link of 4 songs of 40 Singing Ring recorded with high quality are also included.

Enjoy the manga by illustrator Emiko Morishita and the message from Ms. Sumiko Samejima​.  *Sorry, only in Japanese

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Singing Ring®︎

The Online Lounge

Anyone can access the sound of Singing Ring easily, anytime and anywhere

Our goal for the future is to have Singing Ring therapists in public hospitals and schools.  We aim to create a more harmonious and loving earth in which our healthy and happy people will resonate.


Singing Ring self-healing program for three weeks in the group! Balance and harmonise your body, mind and spirit.


Movie “Roots” screening in Kobe

Special event with Sion’s talk and Singing Ring’s sound bathing.


Movie "Gaia Symphony No. 9" No. 6"

Screening & Singing Ring Experience.

Enjoy the wonderful movie and the sound of Singing Ring☆


Singing Ring Yoga

Sound healing exercise with Singing Ring.

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Singing Ring Luli group talk event.

Anyone who is interested in Singing Ring Luli is welcome!

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Movie "Roots"screening & sound bathing.

The new schedule for the September-November screening has been released!

It is a popular event that is always full.

If you are interested, please apply now!

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Experience sound of Singing Ring ®

 Feel and look at the sound and vibration.

​This is an event for the first timers.

Sorry, only in Tokyo, Japan.


Certified Therapist & Performer Event

Singing Ring's sound bath and meditation,

collaboration with Yoga, art, tea, and retreat. Experience the sound and vibration at events near you all over the world ♪


Singing Ring Sound Meditation

Experience a meditative state just by lying down and feeling the sound.

Scientifically proven Harmonic overtones reduce stress and improve natural healing power.


Singing Ring ♪ Practice Lesson for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced graduates.

At Brisbane, Gold Coast and Zoom.

Let's practice the skills together.


Online Singing Ring Yoga

This is for those who have Singing Ring.

Enjoy new physical care with SingingRing.


For the schedule of the event and seminars in English, please check the Singing Ring Global website.

 Harmonia Vol.11

Sorry Only in Japanese 


Sion Inc. 

Information on the Singing Ring®, sound therapy and the online shop.


Sion Inc. 

Check out the fun and relaxing seminars and events.

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Singing Ring

Connect with various people around the world who have different cultures and histories.