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Certified Healing Salon

Certified Healing Salon


Experience the Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session at the Certified Healing Salon.


Kagurasaka Healing Salon in Tokyo 

Experience the ultimate sound therapy in a comfortable space that makes you forget you are in the city. By appointment only.


Certified Therapists / Performers

Introducing certified people who have taken the association's certification course and passed the certification exam.


Please feel the sound of Singing Ring from the certified therapist and certified performer near you.

Check out the sound therapy and sound bath sessions.

Other healihg salon

The healing salons that offer Singing Ring sessions.

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Indiba Beauty Salon W

This salon is located in Akasaka, Tokyo.

They have a variety of menus including facial, body, head, and men's beauty treatments.

Singing Ring sessions are also available.

Acupuncture Healing salon koharu

This is an acupuncture, Singing Ring sound therapy, and aroma treatment healing salon in Nara.

Treat to improve the physical and mental condition..

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