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Certified seminars

Certification Process

Let us introduce the various seminars we run in order to support the people who are interested in the world of sound healing and the sound of Singing Ring. After you complete the Intermediate Seminar, you may deepen your learning by attending the Advanced Seminars.  To become a “Certified Therapist” and/or “Certified Performer”, you will need to pass the certification examination.

Certified Seminars


Official Certification

The aim of the certification system is to encourage therapists to improve their skills, social status and achieve financial freedom by providing paid services to their clients. The Singing Ring Association certifies the practitioners who have achieved a certain level of quality (knowledge and skills) through exams.

Certified Therapist and Performer

For the therapists and performers who have finished the 9-Day Advanced Seminar for the Therapy or the 4-Day Advanced Seminar for the Performance, and have undertaken and passed the examination provided by the Association. They will then be able to refer to themselves as a “Certified Therapist” or “Certified Performer”. These practitioners not only will receive support provided by the Association but also can participate in numerous official promotional events.

Benefits of Being Certified


★Invitation to participate in the Therapist Insurance Plan

★You can participate in social activities and official promotional events

★You can perform at the events organised by the association.

★You can introduce and promote your own events on the association website. 

★You can organize events inviting Sion Kazu.

★You will be invited to the certified practitioners workshops

★You will be published in the association magazine "Harmonia".

★Special discounts apply when you purchase Sion Inc’s products.

★You will be provided with the official pamphlet.* Shipping fee will be charged

★You are exempt from certain online lounge membership fees.


Certified Instructor

Certified Therapists and Performers can aim to become a Certified Instructor to teach at various seminars where people learn and practise the Singing Ring sound therapy and performance.

The Association will only certify the person as an instructor if the person has an ability to provide lessons after completing the Instructor Training Seminar.


Certified Healing Salon

The Association will certify a healing salon run by a Certified Therapist if the place of business has a quality of service that the Association approves. This will be called a ‘Certified Healing Salon’.

The Association will support you by introducing your healing salon and its events on our official website and newsletter, as well as giving you access to participate in a seminar on how to run a healing salon and various events.

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