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Luli Lovers!

\ Luli 💙 Fun Club! /

What is Luli Lovers?

Luli Lovers is a group of people who love Singing Ring Luli® 💙💙

Anyone even if you don't have Singing Luli®, you are welcome to join! ✨

​We post photos and talk about Singing Ring Luli at Zoom twice a year.  Sion will also share the special story about Luli. 

Very popular

\ Lovers fan club 💙 /

Here are the recording video of the zoom.

The next Luli Lovers Group session will be held on October 14th (Friday) 19: 00 ~ 20: 30 

Participation fee is free 💙​

2022 💙

 Luli Ambassador

Introducing two ambassadors of Luli 💙


Thank you ♪

At Korakuen in Okayama.

It was cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon.

I've played Luli in the pleasant sunshine.




I was instantly drawn to the deep and beautiful colours of Luli! I am fascinated every day when playing. I hope I can tell you more about Luli. Thank you ♪

​Mika ☆

Photos from Luli Lovers

Enjoy wonderful photos from Luli Lovers from all over the world ♪

Photo from Luli Lovers in 2021 ♪

Learn more about Luli

Please check the Sion Inc. official website for Singing Ring® Luli's craftsmanship, features, handling, accessories, where to buy, etc.


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