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Supporters and donations

The Singing Ring Association aims to contribute to society through the support for therapists and performers by sharing information on the ‘Singing Ring’. We are looking for ‘Singing Ring Supporters’ who will support the Association and work together.

What is a Singing Ring Supporter?

Everyone who supports the activities of spreading the Singing Ring around the world is a Singing Ring Supporter.


▶ Anyone who loves the Singing Ring


▶ Anyone who has attended the Singing Ring experience sessions, seminars and events.


▶ Anyone who has purchased a Sion Inc product.

Association Management Revenue

The Singing Ring Association will be operated based on donations from supporters (5,000 yen and up). * There is no annual fee.

★ We will provide the latest information and services.

・ Distribute newsletters (information on events, and reports on academic research. etc.)

・ Provide videos, and magazines, which include lectures and interviews.

・Provide certification and support for certified therapist and certified performers.

▶ If you have donated more than 10,000 Yen, your name will be posted on the association's website. (Posted for 2 years)


▶ If you have donated more than 25,000 Yen, a certified therapist or certified performer will visit you and play the Singing Ring for you and/or your guests.


▶ For those who have donated more than 50,000 Yen, a certified therapist or certified performer will visit you and perform an experience session for you and/or your guests.


▶ For those who have donated more than 100,000 Yen, we will offer a 2-week rental service of Singing Ring for free with session)


▶ For those who have donated more than 150,000 Yen, we will give a special lecture on Singing Ring by representative director, Sion Kazu.


* You can specify your preferred location for our visit. Travel fee may be required. The above contents are subject to change. 

*Click here for the names of the people who donated in 2019.

About donation management

Everyone can enjoy the sound of Singing Ring anytime, anywhere. It will be operated in three activities: dissemination activities, charity and scientific research.


Dissemination activities

・ Holding events and concerts where you can experience the sound of Singing Ring near you.

・ Certified therapists and performers who have acquired knowledge and skills of Singing Ring.


・ Promote the Singing Green Project. 

・ Hold charity events.

Scientific Reserch

・ Promote joint research with universities, medical institutions, educational institutions, etc,  in order to scientifically elucidate the acoustic effects of Singing Ring.

How to make donations

Please send an email to

Please send an email to

Thank you for your big support. 

To donate Singing Ring to the Association

There are people who have inherited Singing Ring from their relatives and do not know how to use it. You can learn how to use Singing Ring in the Basic Seminar.

We hope that you will balance your body and mind and live a healthier life.

Check out more details on the Singing Ring Basic Seminar at

If you would like to donate your Singing Ring to the Singing Ring Association, please contact the Association office at


The donated Singing Ring will be used effectively, such as by donating to hospitals, nursing care facilities, schools and child care centers.

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