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Greeting from the Executive Director

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Sion Kazu profile

Sion Kazu / Singing Ring® Developer, Sound therapy instructor.
Representative Director of Singing Ring Association, Councillor of International
Society for Personalized Medicine. Graduated from Shizuoka University Graduate
School, Sophia University Counselling Institute, Master of Education. After working
as a clinical psychologist and psychological counsellor, she lived in Los Angeles and
New York for eight years, experiencing her eldest daughter's illness and 9/11 there
before returning to Japan. In December 2004, she developed the healing instrument
"Singing Ring®/Shikkoku" that plays the ultimate harmonic overtone. She has also created original sound therapy using miraculous resonance phenomena and is
committed to training therapists and performers both in Japan and overseas. In
2019, she announced the world's first lapis lazuli colour "Singing Ring® / Luli" using lapis lazuli and Urushi lacquer. Her academic research with universities has also recognized its miraculous sound effects, contributing to the well-being of the body,
mind of many of today's unbalanced people.
Original CDs "Divine Sound" and "Sound Myth". Author of "Full Harmonic Overtone Therapy CD Book" (BAB Japan), "Full Harmonic Overtone Therapy that Boosts Immunity Just by Listening" (Forest Publishing), and others.

The musical instrument, Singing Ring, was created on the 10th of December 2004. Since then, two types of Singing Ring (Uchu and Daichi) have been created. As of October 2019, a total of over 4400 of them have been shipped out to mostly Japan, Australia and the United States of America, without damage nor the need of re-tuning.


The phenomenon of Singing Ring has been spread through word of mouth. It was also celebrated in “Gaia Symphony No. 6 and 7”, a documentary movie about a Japanese Professor, Makoto Shichida and his “Tamashii no Kyouiku (Soul Education)”. The Singing Ring is also used in collaboration with professional dancers.


The Singing Ring has also been gathering attention by alternative-medicine professionals. This has led to more academic research on sound therapy, guided by numerous researchers.


My hope is that the Singing Ring will be fully utilized by  educational institutions, communities, companies, hospitals as well as every-day people.

For the brighter future of the Earth and its children, let’s work happily together with smiles on our faces.

Greeting from the directors

Director Dr. Akira Ikegawa

Director of Ikegawa Clinic. He established his obstetrics clinic in Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, Japan in 1989. Since then, he has been involved in approximately 100 childbirth deliveries every year. Currently, he researches prenatal memories for both mothers and children so that they can have better childbirth and parenting.

I have been close to Ms. Sion Kazu since meeting her in June 2003. The Singing Ring was created so quickly with her passion and energetic nature and I have been using it at my clinic since its creation. For those who have experienced the Singing Ring, they must already know the significance of it. Many researchers have been investigating its secrets, and recently many of these mysteries are becoming scientifically proven. Many people believe that the vibration holds a key to the future of healthcare. I see a huge potential in the Singing Ring. It could possibly be utilized and bring great results in medical fields. I am so delighted to support and spread the Singing Ring to the world.

Director Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama

Attorney at Law, Doctor of Alternative Medicine, and Homeopath. Director of NGO Green Heart, an organization to help preserve Amazon rainforest. Coffee beans roaster of “LOTUS COFFEE”. A performer of Singing Ring and Lawyer. The author of “The Way to Live without Fighting Against Anyone” Co-author of “Non-Eaters – Being Breatharians for Health”

Like many people who have experienced the sound of Singing Ring, I have also been attracted by its tender and deep sound. I decided to take the position as a board member of the Singing Ring® Association as I wish to share this amazing experience with as many people as possible. The investigative journey to the true value and role of Singing Ring has just begun. While deepening the objective and scientific insights, I will strive to polish my sensitivity and keep learning with each member of the association. I dream of the day that the harmonic sound of Singing Ring® that creates “Otodama” (sound spirit) will surround the whole world and establish a paradise on Earth filled with love and light for the future children. I would be very pleased to have further guidance and encouragement from all of you. Thank you.


Our vision and objective

Our vision

Using Singing Ring, we create a world where harmonious resonance occurs.


Our objective

We contribute to society by carrying out research into the sound effects of the Singing Ring, spreading the information all over the world, and educating and supporting Singing Ring therapists and performers.

Our Goal

We aim to promote Singing Ring as a relaxation instrument with an underlying statement; “Anyone can easily access the sound of Singing Ring, anytime and anywhere.”

We also aim to bring out the best in others and fill them with happiness, in order for us and the Earth to be synced at the same frequency and be resonated and harmonized with each other.


Our Promise

We provide the highest quality sound to everyone who experiences the Singing Ring. Our by certified therapists and performers have undertaken extensive training to acquire the correct knowledge, technique, and a high ethical standard.


Education Policy

We believe that the best way to progress is to keep seeking new or better methods and theories without adhering to only one way.  We understand that the best way is to keep on evolving each and every day.


Sound Provider

Our idea about the sound provider is, “All therapists and performers must be certified by the official Singing Ring training organization and work as professionals after they pass the examinations. They must also do ongoing education and training, and maintain a high ethical standard.” The use of the Singing Ring as a career should be standardized worldwide in order to provide people with happiness and harmony. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who have not undertaken any official training to provide Singing Ring services.


Establishment of Career

We clarify the difference between amateur and professional.

In order for the therapists and performers to establish their career with suitable ethics, we certify people to provide the best performance and sound therapy possible.

The certified therapists and performers are to spread Singing Ring extensively to everyday people so that it can be enjoyed as entertainment or a hobby. Each member will achieve the goal of providing the highest quality sound to the public by professionally cooperating with each other. 


Define Instruments 

Singing Ring is handmade instrument.  It is perfectly tuned to make the same sound no matter which angle you strike from. “Sound Resonance” occurs when one Singing Ring is struck, and other nearby Singing Rings resonate without being struck. It is similar to ringing a tuning fork. Through this phenomena, we believe Singing Ring’s harmonic overtones can spread all over the world.


*There are two sizes of Singing Ring®: Large “Uchu (Universe)” and Small “Daichi (Earth)”. All come with engraved serial numbers.


Our Activities

(1) Spread information and educate people about Singing Ring®.

(2) Certify and Register Singing Ring® therapists and performers.

(3) Promote the social status of certified therapists and performers, and support them to become independent as a professional.

(4) Expand and develop the Singing Ring® program and performing techniques.

(5) Execute philanthropic activities using the Singing Ring®.

(6) All other activities that are necessary to achieve the association’s mission.


Association Information

Name: Singing Ring Association

Location: 26-9 Wakamiya-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 162-0827

Phone:  +81-(0)3-6265-3969

Fax:  +81-(0)86-239-3913

Founded: September, 2014

Board of Directors:

Executive Director: Sion Kazu

Director: Dr. Akira Ikegawa (Medical Doctor)

Director: Dr. Yoshitane Akiyama (Attorney at Law and Doctor of Alternative


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