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Singing Green Project

2024 Charity Event 

We carried out charity activities to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We donated a part of the profits of the charity event in March to the planting activities of the Ishinomaki Minamihama-Kokoro Forest Project, and continued the trip to Ishinomaki to commemorate tree-planting with Singing Ring lovers.

For the Noto Peninsula Earthquake

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by this earthquake.

At this charity event, we will also donate to Ishikawa Prefecture.

​We sincerely pray for a speedy recovery.

チャリティ2024 (7).png

We would like to inform you about the donations which we received from participants of the event.

We had donated according to the following breakdown.

We hope that this will be of help to those affected by the disaster and to greening the area.


*Ishikawa Prefecture... ¥200,000

*Tenkawa Village Yuniwa... ¥100,000

*Ishinomaki Minamihama Reconstruction Memorial Park Kokoro no Mori... ¥160,717

Thank you once again for your cooperation in the Singing Green Project.


The Singing Ring Association will continue to support activities for disaster-stricken areas as part of the Singing Green Project.

We would be happy if we could work with you to create a world where the health and happiness of all life resonates.


Thank you for your continued support.











Ishinomaki Minamihama Ward is now…

Minamihama Ward, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

For the past seven years, we have been continuously supporting an initiative that was launched to create a forest of hearts to heal sadness.

​ After overcoming many difficulties, such as removing debris and finding trees that would not grow in the salt-damaged soil, Kokoro no Mori has grown little by little and is now a place of relaxation for people. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 10.42.09 am.png

Singing Green Project Memorial Tour in Ishinomaki


We visited the site in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

写真 2019-07-29 15 41 41.jpg

We will also make a donation to "Yuniwa"

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 12.00.14 pm.png

The Singing Ring Association aims to "make this earth a place full of greenery."With this in mind, we have continued the Singing Green Project.

We will make a donation to Kokoro no Mori in Ishinomaki and "Yuniwa" in Tenkawa Village, Nara Prefecture.

"Looking ahead 100 years, we will create a place rich in nature, full of seasonal plants.We will create a garden where the gods, nature, and us humans can communicate heart-to-heart.''


We empathize with the people at Niiwa who are involved in tree planting activities with this feeling in mind.

Children of future generations can live a prosperous life, creating a green earth full of love, we would appreciate it if you could join us.

​ Message video from “Saitei”:

Singing Green Activities 

First charity event

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 10.40.15 am.png

3rd Charity Event

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 10.40.53 am.png

5th Charity Event

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 10.41.29 am.png

Singing Green Project Charity Event

2nd charity event

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 10.40.35 am.png

4th Charity Event


6th Charity Event


How did it begin? What are your thoughts? Interview with Sion Kazu

We are conducting donation activities

Please email us for making donation.

🌼 Transfer destination


[Japan Post Bank] (For transfers from other bank accounts)

Store name: 018 (Zeroichihachi)

Store number: 018 Type: Normal

Number: 7530033

Name: Sha) Singing Rinkyokai

* Please enter "Midori" before the transfer person's name. (Example: Midori Reiwa Hanako)


[Japan Post Bank] (For transfers from Japan Post Bank)

Store name: 018 (Zeroichihachi)

Store number: 018 Type: Normal

Symbol: 10180 Number: 75300331

Name: Sha) Singing Rinkyokai

* Please enter "Midori" before the transfer person's name. (Example: Midori Reiwa Hanako)


Overseas Activities

Shareing our sound therapy, we visited Australian primary schools, facilities for the disabled and nursing homes.

Primary school on the Gold Coastt


Nursing Home in Sydney


Disabled facilities in Sydney



​For inquiries about the Singing Ring or the Singing Green Project, please contact the Singing Ring Association Office.

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