Connect our hearts with "Inner-Net"

The Singing Ring Online Lounge

The online community to tune our body and mind with healing sounds and connect our hearts.

English program will be available in the future.

For any questions or requests, please contact at

Let's connect with each other and live a happier and more abundant life together!

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We aim to create more harmonious and loving earth in which our healthy and happy people will resonate.

Singing Ring Association Online Lounge will share the fun program and provide the space to connect our hearts.  We hope that more people enjoy their lives using Singing Ring.


A new program/video will be released every week.  Enjoy the member-only special programs. Let's create fun and relaxing sound space together! 


Benefits for members


You can watch the members only content every week!


The past treasure videos every month!


You can participate in Sion's Room event (general 3500 yen) for free!


You can participate in the self-care program and ask questions.


No admission fee during the year!

Programs for Members


Sion's space

Singing Ring® 's creator, Sion welcomes a variety of guests and talk about happiness and health. If you would like to participate in the live performance, please apply from the "Schedule" on the application page for each event. (Members are free, general 3500 yen each time) Only in Japanese


Online tea party

A time to enjoy interacting with Singing Ring's friends on Zoom. Members could share the story  with each other while eating and drinking online♪ We also accept questions and consultations about Singing Ring ®, therapy, worries, etc. ♪


Certified therapist & performer performance video

We will deliver a healing time with a performance video by a certified therapist and a certified performer of the Singing Ring Association from all over Japan and around the world, and collaborating with other musical instrument players ♪


Global Channel

Introducing the activities of overseas Singing Ring Therapists. We will deliver Australian life, culture, reaction to sound healing, each event in English and Japanese. Performed by Australians and residents of Australia. With Japanese subtitles. Let's connect with the Southern Hemisphere ♪


One point healing advice

Share self-healing and therapeutic tips for others from a certified instructor. We will explain the connection of various body parts and the cause of the discomforts, which are not explained in the seminars and also explain the healing method for each problem such as stiff shoulders and sagging face. You will be healthier and more beautiful♪


Anytime Ring-Joy!

Bring laughter and joy to your life ♪ We released short videos that make you feel good, Sound healing games that make you laugh, etc.. Learn new ways to use Singing Ring® and expand your mind while laughing♪


Anytime Ring-Yoga

A short version video of Singing Ring Yoga. You can relax your mind and body anytime you like at home ♪ Reduce your stress, improve your immunity, and rejuvenate and your skin with Singing Ring Full Harmonic Overtones♪

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Ring-Chan Cartoon

Singing Ring's original cartoons will be delivered exclusively to members ♪ You can see it from the member's page. Enjoy the heartwarming story of the Singing Ring® sound fairy "Ring-chan" and friends ♡




Program Schedule





過去のお宝動画 Vol.14

10/9 一般参加あり

21Days セルフケア♡プログラム開始Zoomシェア会

10/15 会員限定


10/22 会員限定

​第4回 ラウンジラジオ★リンラジ

10/30 一般参加あり

21Days セルフケア♡プログラム終了Zoomシェア会





過去のお宝動画 Vol.15

11/5 会員限定


11/12 会員限定

いつでもリンヨガ♪ Vol.6

11/19 会員限定


11/26 会員先行

真音の部屋 Short ver.☆

The purpose of the Online Lounge

We will support our members to improve their quality of life by providing fun and relaxing programs.

The membership fee will be used for our further scientific research and welfare activities.


The current projects are more research about the accourstic of Singing Ring, the visit of the nursing homes and the donation of the peace chime to Ishinomaki.


 Please join the online lounge to support our activities today!


The Online Lounge Membership Fee


11000 Yen

* We are running a cashback campaign! Click here for details


Monthly Plan 3300 Yen per month

Yearly Plan 33000 Yen per year

* Two months free!

Frequently asked questions

Sorry, the online lounge is only for Japanese speakers at the moment.  We will announce as soon as we arrange the English version.

Payments are only available by the credit cards.


Message from Sion Kazu

The Singing Ring Association has taken another step towards the future!

Now that the world is filled with various information and is trying to connect at an ever-increasing speed, why not build an inner network that connects love and gratitude with a smile! (^^)!


As I've been sharing with you in our seminars and events, each of us has a wonderful and unique frequency. However, in life, various stresses can sometimes disturb the frequency to create an unhealthy state of mind and body.


When you tune in the healing and harmonious frequencies of Singing Ring ®, which adjust yourself, and spread the resonance of harmony to the surroundings, everything on the earth will be healed and connected.


We hope you will join us in the online lounge where you can enjoy playing Singing Ring ® and connect with wonderful friends from all over the world.


Let's create a more happy and healthy life (^^) _U ~~ ♪


With gratitude and love ...

Sion Kazu

The chairman of Singing Ring Association

The director of Sion Inc.

English program will be available in the future.

For any questions or requests, please contact at