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We have held the charity event for last six years as Singing Green Project.

This year's theme is the earth "Gaia" where we live. 

The Sining Green Project continues its activities with the idea of “making this earth a place full of greenery”.  Singing Ring Association will continue to support the groups actively caring our Mother Earth.

​We look forward to seeing you again at this year's charity event.

Mother Earth ”Gaia”
〜To the world that resonates together〜

"Kokoro no Mori" & “Yuniwa”

The Singing Ring Association is committed to "making this earth a greener place".With that in mind, we have continued the Shining Green Project.

This time as well as donating to Ishinomaki "Kokoro no Mori", we will also donate to "Yuniwa" at Tenkawa Village, Nara Prefecture.

"Looking ahead 100 years, in a land rich in nature full of seasonal plants, we will create a sacred garden where each heart communicates with each other.”

Creating a green earth filled with love, for the future generations can live in abundance.

We would appreciate it if you could join us supporting these groups.

​Charity event members

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