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Certified therapists & performers

Certified Healing Salon


Experience the Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session at the Certified Healing Salon.


Kagurasaka Healing Salon in Tokyo 

Experience the ultimate sound therapy in a comfortable space that makes you forget you are in the city. By appointment only.


Certified Therapists / Performers

Introduces certified therapists and performers who hold sessions and experience sessions. Please feel the sound of Singing Ring from the certified therapist and certified performer near you.

=Certified Therapist, ♪=Certified Performer, E=English Speaker

OVERSEA Australia

川崎 文(あーやん).png

☆ Aya Kawasaki 

 Sapporo city, Hokkaido

Balance your body and mind with sound


☆ Seiko Yokozawa 

Obuke, Hachimantai city, Iwate

Singing Ring is a magical instrument that keeps me smiling and staying positive. I appreciate the connection I have with this instrument and hope you will too.


♪ Harumi Sato

​Yokote City, Akita Prefecture

​"Thank you for the sound of life" We will sincerely deliver the world of sounding love that Rin taught us.


E☆ Yukie Iwakuma    Salon De Yukie

Kamitakada, Nakano ku, Tokyo (6mins walk from the Toei Oedo line, Nakai station)   / Sano city, Tochigi

I support the fulfillment of mind and body with beautiful sounds and Casey therapy.


♪ Yoshiko Okano

Koto-ku, Tokyo

I hold concerts that heal the body and mind through the use of sound.


☆ Umi,  Lulikoden

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

I play the harmonious sound of Singing Ring around the world.


☆ Junichi Kamiyoshi

Fujisawa city, Kanagawa

I help others to detox their bodies and minds to connect with their inner authenticity. 


☆♪ Tomoko Gomi

 Tama city, Tokyo

I am so grateful that I have learnt about Singing Ring and am thankful to the people who connected me with the healing instrument. Since then I am in bliss by the gentle and profound sound of Singing Ring.


☆ Kazuko Otsuka  Holistic Beauty Salon Ku

1-2-1 Tsurumaki, Setagaya ku, Tokyo

Fusion of Singing R and all-hand treatment care

Please come and experience it ♡♪


☆ Tomoko Nakamura

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

Let’s play Singing Ring and tune yourself at my relaxing healing salon.


☆ Akiko Shibano  Healing Salon Amana

Mama Ichikawa city, Chiba

I will help you to live a more happy and peaceful life through Singing Ring Sound Therapy. 


☆ Saeko Hasegawa


A time of true peace with the sound of phosphorus that echoes deep into the mind and body ♪


☆ Miho.  Tree

Ninomiya-machi, Kanagawa

Enjoy beautiful sounds that will resonate with your authentic self at the healing salon with the mountain view and sea breeze.


☆ HITOMI La prunelle

Yokohama city, Kanagawa

I will help you to balance your body and mind with the sound of Singing Ring.


☆♪ Mayuko Tsukahara

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

Relax your body, mind and soul.  Looking forward to seeing you at my healing salon.


☆♪ Rie Hayashi

 Yokohama city, Kanagawa

Using the sound of Singing Ring, I have held sound bathing groups to create a relaxing and calming environment. 


☆♪ Yumie Izuma  Sound Bath Healing Salon, Rin-set

Ushiku-shi, Ibaraki

Singing Ring will release, recharge, and reset you!

Renew the present moment and make life enjoyable and beautiful ♡


☆♪ Asako Ito Healing Salon Good Morning

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (3 minutes walk from Tennozu Isle Station)

Utilizing the hospitality of the previous CA, heal your mind and body with a spirit of hospitality.

飯島 則子.jpg

♪ Noriko Iijima

Toda City, Saitama Prefecture

I hope that each and every one of us will shine with love and light through Singing Rin and that the world will be at peace.


♪ YUKIKO Cozumelena

Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture

The beautiful ring tone of harmony and healing connects hearts and relationships.


Akiko Ito Puretama


Please come and enjoy the sound and vibration that will  make your body, mind and soul happy and healed ♪


Terumi Suzuki

Adachi-ku, Tokyo

We will deliver the sound of harmony and help you bring out your further brilliance.


☆ Naoko Sakou. Gemstone 

Inashiki gun, Ibaraki

I play Singing Ring with gratitude and hope everyone enjoys harmony.


♪ Maki  Yamazaki Armonia Piano Class

Kisarazu City, Chiba 

Relax your mind and body with the harmonious sound of phosphorus, and enjoy playing musical instruments. Irregularly active in Niigata Prefecture


♪ Chie

Kawasaki city, Kanagawa

I will share the sound of universe which has the harmonic overtones of the just intonation and will tune the space, body and mind.



Yokohama city, Kanagawa

I will play sound of Singing Ring which will resonate with the universe and connect you with the source.


♪ Takao Shimizu

Minatokita ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa

I travel around the world to play Singing Ring in many countries. By doing so, I hope to bring the vibration of love and peace all over the world.  

福島 佳子_edited.jpg

♪ Yoshiko Fukushima

Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

May joy resonate all over the world by remembering your true self with the tone of Singing Ring.


❤️ Sayoko Asahi Healing Room  結  あん

Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

I will help you to attune to sacred life using the healing sound of Singing Ring.


☆ Sekizawa Mutsumi, Eien on

Sakae Village, Shimominochi District, Nagano Prefecture

Feel the vibrations and the resonance of Singing Ring.

Enjoy a comfortable time with me.


♪ Mina Ryuba  Blue Planet KOFU

 Kofu city

I provide sound bathing guided meditation in person or online. 

2023.3.30 顔写真(掲載用).jpg

♪ Ebina Reiko, Sound Rin-Rin

Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

Harmonize your mind and body with Rin's acoustic therapy, which is rich in overtones. We also have sound baths and collaboration performances ♪

有井 明美.jpg

☆ Akemi Arii

Nagoya City, Aichi

I will deliver the comfortable tone of Singing Ring ♪


♪ Noriko Nozaki

Chita District, Aichi

Healing the delicate hearts of children with the sounds and words of phosphorus,To help make the world full of joy...


☆ Satomi Zenya

Kaga City, Ishikawa 

We regularly hold therapy and sound bathing parties mainly in Kaga City and Nomi City.


♪ Hiromichi Kususe

 Misono, Amagasaki city, Hyogo

I play Singing Ring with my spirit and the mentality that we are all blessed to have a chance to live life on this Earth.


♪ Reiko Seto

Tanabe city, Kyoto

Let's make your body and mind lighter and healthier with the sound of Singing Ring.

プロフィール写真 2022田村清生_edited.jpg

☆♪ Kiyoi Tamura Sound Healing Pashyanti ∞ Pashyanti

Tanabe city, Kyoto

I provide harmonic sound healing to relax your body and mind.


☆ Midori Hirano

Higashinada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo / Akashi City

 I help balance your body and mind through harmonic sound.


☆ Yumiko Sato

Sinsenri, Toyonaka city, Osaka

I hold sound bathing sessions and concerts in Kansai and other areas. The events are filled with bright and beautiful lights and love. 


♪ Michiko Inoue

Hirakata city, Osaka

Please relax with healing sound and vibration of Singing Ring.


☆Mamiko Yamazaki  Acupuncture healing salon koharu

Kashiba city, Nara

I provide acupuncture, moxibustion and Singing Ring sound therapy to enhance your natural healing power at the private healing salon in Nara.


☆ Mari Kawai Cozy space Lakshmi

Tarumi-ku, Kobe city

Experience the healing and harmonious overtones of the 7 Singing Rings, and let your mind and body relax and tune.


♪ Toshimi  Urano Office 101

Kakogawa City, Hyogo

I will provide the psychotherapy in the healing space with Singing Ring sound which connects your body and mind.


☆ Hiromi Hodono


I love the sound of Singing Ring♡


☆ Yoko Ide Harmony

Higashi-osaka city,  Osaka

I will provide you the relaxing time for your body and mind with Singing Ring’s rich harmonic overtones.


☆♪ Mika  Caon

Hiroshima city, Hiroshima

Please experience the blissful time in the beautiful overtones and pleasant sound of Singing Ring.


☆Sachiko Tanimoto   neiro


Entrust yourself with Singing Ring's sound and vibration, and connect with your true self∞


☆ Kyoko Sato. Sound Draignage Ring

Shimohaita, Usa city, Oita

Find the best version of yourself through natural healing methods. 


☆♪ Emiko Goeku

Hasamamachi, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

I’m always fascinated to see my clients’ eyes sparked after the sound therapy and sound bath.


☆ Hiroko Motosue   Space Orion

Shimokawachi, Buzen city, Fukuoka

Come experience a unique sound that resonates with you, me and Singing Ring. 


♪ Yoko Matsudo Sea garden

​Higashi-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture

I hope each of you will shine and be happy every day with a smile.


♪ Mika Touma

Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture

I play the Singing Ring every day to embody the love and joy, blessings and gratitude for nature and lives.


♪ Yayoi Terashima  Pananufa

Nanjo city, Okinawa

I offer sound bathing sessions and meditation groups which are often held outside and sometimes in collaboration with Yoga.


E☆♪ Ayako Iwasaki  Cocolo Colour

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I provide Singing Ring private sessions,  group meditations and collaborative Singing Ring sessions with Art and Yoga.


E☆♪ Toshiko Matsumoto  Meditative Sound Therapy

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I love to spread joy through the harmonic sound of Singing Ring.  I visit homes, retreats, schools, companies, hospitals and any events.


E☆ Harumi Macphail Natural Therapy Salon HEALING TREE

Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Balance your mind and body through natural therapy and switch to your self-healing power.


E♪ Kayoko Yoshida

Brisbane, Australia

Please join me for Yoga and Singing Ring workshops to balance your body and mind.


E♪ Motohiro Wada Waraku Healthcare & Massage

Sydney, Australia

Join me to spread the harmonic vibration of Singing Ring to the world.


E☆♪ Yoshie Dixon Balancing Sound Therapy

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

 I will support you to balance your body and mind with Singing Ring sound therapy.


E♪ Takehiro Moriya Azure Blue Luli

Sydney, Australia

We will deliver the sound and vibration of Singing Ring that connects you, your subconscious mind, and the universe together ♪


☆E Takayo Someda  Sou Harmony

Melbourne, Australia

We deliver harmonious sounds by playing in nature and collaborating with people in various fields.


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