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Certified Healing Salon


Experience the Singing Ring Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session at the Certified Healing Salon.

Kagurasaka Healing Salon in Tokyo 

Experience the ultimate sound therapy in a comfortable space that makes you forget you are in the city. By appointment only.


Certified Therapists / Performers

Introduces certified therapists and performers who hold sessions and experience sessions. Please feel the sound of Singing Ring from the certified therapist and certified performer near you.

❤️=Certified Therapist, ⭐️=Certified Performer, E=English Speaker

OVERSEA Australia

❤️Aya Kawasaki 

 Sapporo city, Hokkaido

Balance your body and mind with sound

E❤️ Kumiko Ohori,  Jessica Organic Therapy Rinnone

Kashima cho, Iwaki city, Fukushima

My services include visiting you in the comfort of your own home for the therapy session . I can also be seen playing at Sake brewaries.

❤️Seiko Yokozawa 

Obuke, Hachimantai city, Iwate

Singing Ring is a magical instrument that keeps me smiling and staying positive. I appreciate the connection I have with this instrument and hope you will too.

❤️Umi, Yumi Akiba, Healing Salon ⭐︎Kannon⭐︎

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

I play the harmonious sound of Singing Ring around the world.

❤️⭐️Terue Igawa   The Sound and Aroma Total Healing Salon Cradle

Shimo syakujii, Nerima ku, Tokyo

I provide harmonic sound sessions and group sound bathing events for people to experience their true, authentic selves.

E❤️Yukie Iwakuma    Salon De Yukie

Kamitakada, Nakano ku, Tokyo (6mins walk from the Toei Oedo line, Nakai station)   / Sano city, Tochigi

 I provide therapy through the use of beautiful sounds. My skills were obtained through my performing experience and my knowledge on the Casy therapy therory. 

⭐️Yoshiko Okano

Koto-ku, Tokyo

I hold concerts that heal the body and mind through the use of sound.

❤️Junichi Kamiyoshi

Fujisawa city, Kanagawa

I help others to detox their bodies and minds to connect with their inner authenticity. 

⭐️Kaoru Kawai 


Singing Ring has infinite possibilities of healing and relaxation that will strongly benefit you.

❤️Keiko Kubokawa Kei

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

I believe that the sound of Singing Ring resonates well with the sound of nature.

❤️Tomoko Gomi

 Tama city, Tokyo

I am so grateful that I have learnt about Singing Ring and am thankful to the people who connected me with the healing instrument. Since then I am in bliss by the gentle and profound sound of Singing Ring.

❤️Akiko Shibano  Healing Salon Amana

Mama Ichikawa city, Chiba

I will help you to live a more happy and peaceful life through Singing Ring Sound Therapy. 

⭐️Takao Shimizu

Minatokita ku, Yokohama city, Kanagawa

I travel around the world to play Singing Ring in many countries. By doing so, I hope to bring the vibration of love and peace all over the world.  

⭐️Rie Hayashi

 Yokohama city, Kanagawa

Using the sound of Singing Ring, I have held sound bathing groups to create a relaxing and calming environment. 

E❤️Yumi. Time of sound

Setagaya ku, Tokyo

Bring the healing sound of Singing Ring into your life and create a happier body and mind.

❤️Tomoko Nakamura

Shimoochiai, Shinjuku ku, Tokyo tomochi0420  5mins from Takadanobaba station.   

I provide the session at my healing salon.  Looking forward to seeing you.

❤️Mayuko Tsukahara

Shinjuku ku, Tokyo

Relax your body, mind and soul.  Looking forward to seeing you at my healing salon.

❤️Naoko Sakou. Gemstone 

Inashiki gun, Ibarak

I play Singing Ring with gratitude and hope everyone enjoys harmony.

❤️Chieko Tao. The sky of heart 

Joko ji, Seto city, Aichi

I support people on their journies to live an authetic and happy life. 

❤️Maki Yamazaki,   The garden of sound    


I will help to balance your body and mind with the sound of Singing Ring.

❤️Sumiyo Hirano

Hokuto City, Yamanashi

I play Singing Ring and wish the loving world for children.

❤️Teiko Izumi,  Luli On

Nagaoka Kyo city, Kyoto (7mins walk from JR Nagaoka station)

I support people on their journies to live an authetic and happy life. 

⭐️Hiromichi Kususe

 Misono, Amagasaki city, Hyogo

I play Singing Ring with my spirit and the mentality that we are all blessed to have a chance to live life on this Earth.

❤️⭐️Kyoko Sakura  The Healing salon, Angel

Nishi ku, Sakai city, Osaka (3mins walk from JR Hanwa line Tsukuno station)

I provide private and group sound bathing sessions which create deep relaxation and bliss to everyone through the use of the Harmonic Overtones in Singing Ring. 

⭐️Reiko Seto

Tanabe city, Kyoto

Let's make your body and mind lighter and healthier with the sound of Singing Ring.

❤️⭐️Kiyoi Tamura

Tanabe city, Kyoto

I provide harmonic sound healing to relax your body and mind.

❤️Midori Hirano

Akashi city, Hyogo

 I help balance your body and mind through harmonic sound.

❤️Mihoko Matsumoto  Green days

Akaho city, Hyogo

I provide Singing Ring sessions at my healing salon, at your home and in group sound bathing settings.

❤️Yumiko Sato

Sinsenri, Toyonaka city, Osaka

I hold sound bathing sessions and concerts in Kansai and other areas. The events are filled with bright and beautiful lights and love. 

❤️Emi Miyamoto

Wakayama city, Wakayama

Heal yourself and create authentic and abundant life with the sound of Singing Ring.

❤️⭐️Mika  Caon

Hiroshima city, Hiroshima

Please experience the blissful time in the beautiful overtones and pleasant sound of Singing Ring.

❤️Kyoko Sato. Sound Draignage Ring

Shimohaita, Usa city, Oita

Find the best version of yourself through natural healing methods. 

❤️Hiroko Motosue   Space Orion

Shimokawachi, Buzen city, Fukuoka

Come experience a unique sound that resonates with you, me and Singing Ring. 

❤️Price 琴子 Naabii

Ginowan city,Okinawa

I will support to find your authenticity and help you to create a circulation of joy.

E❤️Toshiko Matsumoto  Meditative Sound Therapy

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I love to spread joy through the harmonic sound of Singing Ring.  I visit homes, retreats, schools, companies, hospitals and any events.

E❤️Ayako Iwasaki  Cocolo Colour

Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

I provide Singing Ring private sessions,  group meditations and collaborative Singing Ring sessions with Art and Yoga.

E❤️Harumi Macphail Natural Therapy Salon HEALING TREE

Sydney, New South Wales Australia

Balance your mind and body through natural therapy and switch to your self-healing power.

E❤️Yoshie Dixon Balancing Sound Therapy

Brisbane, Queensland Australia

 I will support you to balance your body and mind with Singing Ring sound therapy.


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